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Semi Wood Pulp Wet Paper Tape For Carton Sealing

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Single roll specifications: width 60mm, diameter 10.5cm (paper tube inner diameter 50mmx3.5mm thickness). Packing: 80 rolls/carton, 51x41x31cm, 26.4kg.
min order: 1000 Carton
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不带线牛皮纸-详情-(2)_02Semi Wood Pulp Wet Paper Tape

1.This product is a semi Wood Pulp Wet Paper Tape. Strong initial adhesion, can be written and easily torn by hand, which can save time. The glue used for our kraft paper tape is starch adhesive.

2.The tape will not be affected by temperature, and the adhesion between the tapes is very good, and the overlapping position of the tape can still be tightly attached.

Type Semi Wood Pulp Wet Paper Tape
Base material Semi wood pulp 68g Kraft paper
Thickness 115μ±10μ  0.18mm with line,0.15mm without line
Peel strength 1.7N/25mm
Can bear the weight of the package 50kg(Determined by tape width and pasting material)
Adhesive type Starch adhesive
Temperature resistance 0~60°
Application scenarios Sealing, wood grain art,truss up steel



1. It is generally used in the sealing of packing boxes.

2. The tape is semi Wood Paddle Wet Paper Tape.The glue used for our kraft paper tape is Starch adhesive.It can be writable,mark the carton and if there are repeated pasting positions, the tape is also very strong, and there is no residual glue.

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