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What is difference between CMYK and metal plate printing

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What is difference between CMYK and metal plate printing

Printing four-color mode is a color matching mode used in color printing. It uses the principle of mixing three primary colors of color materials and black ink to mix and overlay four colors in total, forming the so-called "full-color printing". The four standard colors are: C: Cyan = Cyan, also known as' sky blue 'or' deep blue '; M: Magenta = Magenta, also known as' Magenta '; Y: Yellow = Yellow; K: blacK= blacK, although some literatures explain that K here should be the Key Color (positioning set Color), but in fact, it is confused with the concept of positioning set used in plate making. The abbreviation uses the last letter K instead of the beginning B to avoid confusion with Blue. CMYK mode is subtractive mode, and the corresponding RGB mode is additive mode.

Four-color printing is the subtractive printing of three primary colors (yellow, magenta, cyan) and black. If the use of yellow, magenta, green, black ink four-color ink to copy the original color of the printing process, should not be called "four-color printing" but should be called "spot color printing" or "dot color printing".

CMYK and spot color difference

1, CMYK -- namely green, magenta, yellow, black four colors, in printing can usually be reproduced by the four colors of thousands of other colors;

2, the color, the color ink refers to a kind of premixed good specific color ink (or special premixed ink), used for alternative or complementary color (CMYK) printing ink, such as the bright orange, green, fluorescent color, metallic gold and silver ink, etc., or can be hot stamping version, concave and convex version, etc., also can be used as a local version of light oil, etc., It does not rely on CMYK four color mix out, each spot color when printing requires a special plate (can be simply understood as a pay spot color film, printing for spot color alone), spot color means accurate color.

Different printed plates


The printing effect


CMYK and letterpress printing full plate printing will have plate line

And the printing chromaticity is not as accurate as spot color printing

But CMYK multicolor printing does not print out of position,spot-color printing multicolor printing will print out of position.

Qcustom Kraft paper Kraft tape is available in both CMYK printing and spot color printing.

CMYK printing will be more expensive than spot color printing.

CMYK color printing printing effect is good, can print a variety of colors.Spot color printing has the limitation of printing color, and the printing effect will be worse than CMYK.


CMYK and letterpress printing full plate printing will have plate line


Intaglio printing full plate printing don't have plate line,But it will leaky white.

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If you are printing simple patterns and logos, it is recommended that you choose spot color printing.