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Bulk Cheap Eco Pink Honeycomb Kraft Cushion Packing Paper

5 0 Reviews
color: Pink
size:   300mm*30m,300mm*50m,300mm*100m 

  • Gift packaging,cushion

  • No printing 

  • Kraft Paper 

pink honeycomb paperBulk Cheap Eco Pink Honeycomb Kraft Cushion Packing Paper

1.This kraft paper is honeycomb kraft paper. It has the function of cushioning, shock-proof and scratch-proof. Kraft paper is environmentally friendly and biodegradable kraft paper, instead of plastic packaging.

2.It provides significant return on investment for end users, including damage reductions, pack time efficiencies, and less packaging materials to process an order. There is potential to use smaller box sizes to net cube savings.

3.Provide perfect protection! Honeycomb wrapping paper can reduce product damage during express transportation, provide good cushioning effect, anti-scratch effect, and ensure that the items are intact.

4.Improve packaging efficiency! Honeycomb packaging paper can be used for packaging without additional cutting tools, thereby improving packaging efficiency and can be used on demand.

cushion paper

honeycomb paper

Honeycomb wrapping paper

pad 1:1.6 extension rate

Cushioning Paper• Easy to use paper-based cushioning that exceeds

 protection rates of traditional fragile wraps

• Use to wrap and protect glassware, cosmetics,

electronics and anything fragile

• Increases overall operational and pack efficiency

• Save space in your warehouse and pack stations

• Stop shipping plastic waste and recyclable

custom honeycomb kraft paper

Use cushioning paper

Honeycomb Cushion Paper

Complete the package by hand

improve the packing efficiency

honeycomb wrapping paperhoneycomb wrapping kraft paper