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Cinta Reforzada Papel Kraft Engomada Activada Por Agua

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cinta de papel kraftCinta Reforzada Papel Kraft Engomada Activada Por Agua

1.This reinforced kraft paper tape is a water activated kraft paper tape.As the size of the tape changes, the tape can withstand heavy packaging up to 50kg.The main material of the tape is 120g kraft paper, the thickness of the tape is 110u.

2.HIGH QUALITY PAPER TAPE: Strong and conformable with aggressive adhesion to cartons, prevents pilferage from ensuring goods arrive intact. Water activated tape bonds to corrugated even in dusty or dirty conditions.

3.TAMPER EVIDENT SEAL: Tape forms a tamper-evident seal that shreds if an attempt is made to pull it off before delivery allowing you to immediately recognize if a box has been tampered with in tra

4.EASY APPLICATION: Moistened the adhesive tape that interacts with the corrugated cartons and boxes surfaces to form a powerful, secure bond. Paper construction is easy to handle, making it ideal for hand applications.

Type Single Color Printing Double-white Wet Water Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape
Base material Pure wood pulp 68g Kraft paper & fiber line
Thickness 110μ  0.18mm with line,0.15mm without line
Peel strength 3.1N/25mm
Can bear the weight of the package 50kg(Determined by tape width and pasting material)
Adhesive type Starch adhesive
Temperature resistance 0~60°
Application scenarios Sealing, wood grain art,truss up steel

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1. It is generally used in the sealing of packing boxes.

2. The tape has strong adhesion and avoids being disassembled and stolen during transportation. After the tape is torn, the packaging carton will show obvious signs of torn.

cinta engomada de papel kraftcinta engomada papel kraft

cinta papel kraft engomadocinta de papel kraft engomada

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