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Custom Self Adhesvie Kraft Tape For Milk Tea Coffee

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  • Carton Sealing

  • Self adhesive

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  • Kraft Paper 

kraft tape for milk tea

1.Self-adhesive kraft paper tape is the green alternative to unsustainable plastic.100% paper based, biodegradable.kraft paper tape manufacturer. contact us get free sample.

2.The products are generally used for carton packing. Glue is rubber, with high viscosity and strong adhesion, which can prevent theft from unpacking.heavy duty packing tape.


Printed Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

Base material 62g kraft paper
Thickness 150u±5 microns
Peel strength 7.41N/25mm
Can bear the weight of the package 50kg(Determined by tape width and pasting material)
Adhesive type Rubber adhesive
Temperature resistance 80°
Application scenarios Sealing, wood grain art,truss up steel,carton sealing packing

kraft Tape Use For Milk Tea            


Use for milk tea with coffee



Used for takeaway packaging


kraft tape for take out packaging            


kraft tape use for gift            

              Used for gift wrapping

Used for bouquet packing

kraft tape use for flower

Self-adhesive printing kraft paper tape

Product Advantage

Self-adhesive printing kraft paper tape

Free Design Draft Before Printing

custom kraft tape

Size Guide

custom printed kraft tape

Self-adhesive printing kraft paper tape

Custom Kraft Paper Tape

Material options

carton sealing tape

Available for 55, 60, 62, 70, 75, 80gram kraft paper

Color Custom

custom color tape

kraft paper tape production process

21 years adhesive tape production experience
Free OEM/ODM design service
2,000,000 rolls/ month

Social responsibility system certification - SA8000 past

tape factory

kraft tape factory

tape factory

kraft paper tape manufacturer

kraft paper tape manufacturer