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Gold Foil Gift Thank You Sticker Label Roll

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1.No Bubbles
2.No Fade
3.Splash Proof
4.Premium Vinyl Media
5.Work For Most Surfaces
Sticker Size:2.5cm diameter
Roll Size:6.5*6.5*3cm

  • Gift decoration

  • Self adhesive

  • Offer Printing 

  • Kraft Paper 

Gift Sticker

Bulk Recycled Adhesive Gold Foil Thank You Round Paper Sticker Label Roll

Product Features
Application: scrapbooks, invitation cards, present boxes, books, notebooks, garments, mirrors, tables, cups,gift wrapping
Material: Paper
Type: Adhesive Sticker
Size: 6.5*6.5*3cm,500pcs/rolls,60g

gold foil thank you stickers            


Safe Material

a variety of styles, smooth surface, bright colors, not easy to fade; stickers are made of environmentally friendly stickers on the back of high quality stickers, attached firmly, without any odor. Do not worry about harmful to children.



No Residue

The sticker is designed to be applied to smooth surfaces. If you no longer need it, you can remove it effortlessly; the sticker will not leave any marks or residue. Don't worry that it will give you any trouble. Share it with your family and have a good time together.

gold foil gift sticker label            


Gold Foil Sticker Labels            

Wide Range of Applications

Each sticker has a diameter of 1 inch. Thanks to their proper size and high quality material, you can stick them on scrapbooks, invitation cards, gift boxes, books, notebooks, costumes, mirrors, tables, cups and anywhere else you like. Let yourself be completely immersed in the carnival atmosphere of party.

21 years adhesive tape production experience
Free OEM/ODM design service
2,000,000 rolls/ month

Social responsibility system certification - SA8000 past

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