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Manual U-Shape Sausage Clipper Machine

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sausage clipping machine

Wholesale High Quality Supermarket Hand Plastic Bag Tying Machine Manual U-shape Sausage Clipper Machine

Product Features

Sausage Clipping Machine
Application: Suitable for sausage coats, plastic bags, fruit, vegetable food bags, supermarket shopping bags, mesh bags, etc. Widely used in supermarkets, bakeries, wineries, food factories, meat processing plants and other places.
Material: Stainless Steel,Iron+ABS
Size: 18*40*61cm
Weight: 10kg
Buckle quantity: 150-200pcs
Casing diameter: 50-120mm
Clip Model: U502/U503/U506/U508
Packing Size: 1set/carton,43*23*67cm,11.5kg

Manual U-shape Sausage Clipper

U Shape Clips Machine Application

hand sausage clipper machine            


Product Feature

Automatic nail feeding, stable upper and lower molds, return nail spring is not easy to wear, stop screw, can control the nail tightness, to achieve different thickness of the seal.




Widely used in supermarkets, breweries, bakeries, meat processing plants, food factories and other places. Suitable for plastic bags, gut bags, supermarket shopping bags, fruit and vegetable food bags, mesh bags, etc.

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Work Efficiency

1Lightweight and desktop design, the bag sealer is easy to use, carry, store and maintain.

2.The food sealing machine is manually operated, easy to operate and saves time on items that need to be sealed. Both labor saving and efficient.

21 years adhesive tape production experience
Free OEM/ODM design service
2,000,000 rolls/ month

Social responsibility system certification - SA8000 past

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