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Red Fragile Stickers Handle with Care

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Express logistics fragile goods sticker outer box
  • Shipping label

  • self adhesive

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Red Fragile Stickers Handle with Care


fragile label 

QUALITY - Easy to notice box warning label in red

and white. Quality strong self-adhesive sticky mailing label.

EASY TO USE - Just Peel & Stick! No clear packaging tape needed anymore to keep the warning label protected.

DURABILITY - Our quality strong self-adhesive sticky mailing labels will withstand the forces of nature. Aggressive adhesive that is specially formulated to stick to corrugated cartons, plastic drums, steel drums and pallets

sticker with paper and rope

Easier For Wrapping Lots Of Things: Instead of fussing with scissors and tape, you can simply tear your hexcel-pattern wrap from the roll and then twist it, or squish gently to “seal” your item. It saves you time and lets you wrap those awkward items without yards of sticky tape. Your honeycomb wrap roll also comes with 10m of twine and 50 Fragile Moving Labels for even more wrapping options.